Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Thanks to Joel for giving me this perfect title for the new post.

Good intentions, like first dates and upcoming holidays, are full of promise and anticipation and curiosities. Intentions can fail dramatically as I have done with this lovely thing...

So welcome to the people from the MSN site and good to have you back.

Slovenia has been a whirlwind, and I am still trying to come to terms with it being April already. For some reason, time in Prague and Lisbon and Lugano seemed like it passed at a normal pace. In Ljubljana, things have been different.


So a bit about the random travels since the move from MSN to here...

Villa, Lake Como

Summer was spent in Lugano with the kids again. My favourite trip of the summer was to this gorgeous villa on Lake Como. Star Wars people, it's where the mushy love scenes between Annakin and the Queen were filmed (guaranteed to be the worst dialogue written in the history of film). It is stunning. The kids were even in awe, which is probably why I enjoyed the trip so much - they were relatively quiet. I'm not returning to Lugano this summer, and there will be a hole where TASIS should be until mid-August.

Venice sunrise

I must admit that part of why Slovenia appealed is its proximity to my beloved Italy. Venice is just two hours from Lj, and I've been four times already - obsessive, anyone? Twice with colleagues, once by myself and last weekend with my girlfriend Andrea. We had a fabulous girlie weekend shopping, drinking spizzas, eating gorgeous food and getting lost. I'll highly recommend Osteria San Marco on Frezzeria 1610, Tel. +39 041/528-5242 - one of the most memorable meals I've ever had.

So more to come, as the muse visits. Chelsea v Arsenal tomorrow. Still cloudy in Lj. I've got a cold.

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