Sunday, May 8, 2005

the zen of the iPod

Happy mother's day, mom.

It's old news to the rest of the world, but shiny new iPods have landed in our social circle. I have iPod envy, though I do love Thor and would never cheat on him. And it got me thinking again about how life-changing this small white hard drive can be. I have been embarrassingly stopped on the street by randoms telling me I have a great voice. (Yes, Slovenes understand sarcasm.) I've also had people stopping me on the street to say 'prosim?' which essentially means 'what the hell did you say to me, you crazy foreigner?'. (That's me rapping.) But I can't help it; Thor is in a groove with me. On any given day I will be walking to work/pilates class/the pub/aimlessly and get in a mood, then Thor psychically (is that a word?) pops on a song that fits seamlessly into my head. Does this happen to other iPodders? Do other people walk a few blocks out of their way just to hear a song finish up, only to hear the starting bars of the next tune and find yet another route to their destination? Does ownership automatically turn a person into a geek who checks the number of times a song has been played, changes the five-star system on a monthly basis, creates new playlists just for Monday mornings or holiday weekends or random afternoons in a car?

And in the spirt of the ridiculous U2 iPod, here's some others:

So now there's a new 60G, a new shuffle, and two 20Gs in L-jub. And my dad is still loving his mini. And I still have a strange email relationship with random iPod owners in the greater Chicago area thanks to Kevin.

It's a bit out of date, but the jist of it is all there:,,1114925,00.html

Right, on to other things. Another shortened week was made even shorter thanks to a Friday in Nova Gorica for my boss' leaving do (one of two). Slovenes love their barbecues, and we spent hours eating and drinking wine and nasty homemade liquor and I was knackered when I came home, just in time to change for a friend's birthday dinner. Which evolved into hanging out at a bar, then closing bars dance-a-thons until (get this) SEVEN in the morning. Carys, the birthday girl, her boyfriend Greg, and me. All of us over 30, weathered, and should know better. Who cares. Sometimes you just gotta dance.

Wigan is in the Premiership now. This is interesting as my buddy Jason took Wigan to the European Championship in Championship Manager while we were flatmates in Lisbon and we thought this quite funny as Wigan wouldn't ever be in the Premiership. This is likely irrelevant to anyone other than myself and a few others.

What am I going to do with a full work week? How depressing.

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