Monday, April 16, 2007


This is what was awaiting me when I arrived at midnight on Saturday - the rich scent of Wisterias, which are tumbling down the railing to the patio. Sunday morning I awoke and saw the perfect beauty of the flowers and plants Horst has lovingly tended to around his gorgeous garden. No offense Mom, but I've never really been the garden type - I find them nice, but haven't really felt they were essential (note to save myself: my mother has always kept a beautiful garden in Wichita and this insensitivity has nothing to do with my childhood!) ;) I am, however, (and likely with age) beginning to see the light with landscaping well - the shades of green are heavenly, and I felt like a princess grading my papers on the veranda yesterday afternoon in the afternoon light.
Just when I thought Montagnola couldn't get any prettier, it bursts out in colors I've never seen before, from plants I never knew bloomed. I wish everyone could see the intensity of the gardens here. Montagnolans are quite house-proud and do their best to outdo their neighbors with fuller, brighter, longer-lasting flora and fauna. I've never seen anything like it.

Today was a great day - the kids were in good moods, all the faculty had these serene, peaceful looks on their faces, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to see one another. We have 24 more teaching days left, which is frightening and fantastic at the same time - will I have taught them all I can before their next level of English? Have I done too much? Will they hate me come September when they get their butts kicked in their next class?
So spring continues - this time, for real. Winter tires are off the cars, bare legs blind everyone silly, and the girls in their sky-high stilletto sandals have begun romping around the cobbled hills of campus. (It amuses me to no end watching them at around 2pm, sandals in hand, hobbling on aching feet.) It was 27 yesterday and reached 25 today. The locals are saying it'll be the hottest summer on record. Hmm.
The view from a wine glass full of water...note the gorgeous red crane blocking my view (STILL).

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Anonymous said...

So glad you have a picture of the wisteria on the staircase! And the comment about the lovely Wichita gardens did save you!