Thursday, June 28, 2007


I must admit that it is odd having spent a school year in a place that has now been taken over by an entirely new group of students and teachers. It's nice seeing the familiar faces of the personale, the local staff who garden, cook, and serve here. A few of the kids who graduated last month are working here now, and it's funny watching them hide their beers when we're all at the pub together. The kids arrived last Friday but it already seems a lifetime ago, since we're so chock-full of activities each day. I'm teaching nine darlings who can't speak a word of English and enjoying their inquisitive nature and willingness to be silly. A good way to end a tough year.

Finally heard where we'll be next year... it's Shetland for six months, then Inverness for the next 18. However, all comes with this stipulation, as the Mighty NHS has decided to keep all postings 'provisional.' In plain English, that means not to get too attached as the next move may be to someplace more remote than Shetland. Is that possible?!?

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sgazzetti said...

I think the Shetland thing sounds fantastic. I hope you're excited about it. Magda is so into the idea of visiting. Which would mean you and Matt would be virtually guaranteed never to reproduce.