Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So far, nothing but massive seagulls and various other fowl, though seals are said to frequent these banks and my eyes are open for brontosaurus-like creatures. Inverness is a cool little town (though the locals call it a 'city') and feels like New York after Shetland...24-hour supermarkets, cafes open on Sundays, wifi access - heaven! Still awaiting internet at the flat, and television. Otherwise the place rocks.

(And the smiling-factor percentage here is closer to 80% - especially on sunny days. They even say 'hello'. Everyone is so nice - chatty, curious, babbly - lovely folk. Matt's working at the psychiatric hospital, so he sees the flipside of these chatty, curious, babbly folk.)

The view from our living room window:
Ours is the white door on the left of the picture. We've got the top 2 floors.
Our street at night. I need to get better shots of this, but you get the idea.More blather will come as soon as internet is installed. I've been busying myself writing the final 40K words of text for this book - now revising, have to cut 120K to a respectable 80K before it's ready to go. It's pretty exciting at this stage - I'm reading things that I can't believe came from my computer. In other words, not all of it is pish, after all.


Jesse & James said...

Your place looks gorgeous! I can imagine the excitement you feel moving in and having such a gorgeous view and a place all to yourselves. Congrats! Tell me more about this Chicago trip???

Zain said...

HAHAHA - I love the fact you use the word "pish". Can't wait to visit - is the 26th April weekend still on the cards???