Thursday, August 21, 2008

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

• No tickets left for the Edinburgh book festival. I'm still going on Monday to soak up the atmosphere.
• We find out Barack's VP this week. I'm secretly hoping that the rock star Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius gets the nod. She's young, she's smart, she doesn't take lobbyist cash, she's got executive experience, she won (twice) in a "red" state, and she's, of course, a SHE. And she's a Kansas liberal, so essentially one of my soul sistas. Much as I loathe the circus of nonsense that is American elections, I can't help but be a bit sad that I can't witness Obamamania firsthand. Though the UK loves him. It is nice vetting "what do you think of Obama" enquiries rather than "did you vote for him".
• Am diving into Piri Piri Starfish and Dulce Pontes, dreaming of Portugal.

Word count: 21,461
Groove: slipped out, spent ten minutes readjusting, then slid right back in
Bubble: intact, getting bigger


Erik R. said...

Choosing KS would rock, but it sounds like Obama's already too heavy on the "young whippersnapper" scale and needs an old fart to level him out. This, of course, seems completely idiotic to me. But then so do most voters. I still can't believe that Worst President Ever got elected for a second term.

KP said...

I know...sigh...I suppose Biden would be my next choice as he seems to be a cool guy. And it's all about seeming cool, right? Dunnae get me started on the W.P.E.