Friday, November 20, 2009

Pop songs and telethons

I'm such a sucker for a cheesy pop song. Should preface with: I've had the flu since Sunday night; it's not swine (had that before the wedding), it didn't knock me senseless, but I was lethargic and useless all week. So the husbandia is out with the boys, and I'm staring at our ostentatiously large TV on the wall, singing along to cheesy pop songs. A little Beyonce "Crazy in Love" and Rihanna "Umbrella" and Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl" and I'm feeling all sorts of better.

The other television option tonight is Children in Need, an annual fundraising event that the BBC puts on, Jerry Lewis telethon-style. People get really creative to raise money. One guy is cycling from Alaska to the southern tip of Chile (he's now in northern Chile and has cycled 8,500 miles so far), and BBC Scotland put an exercise bike in their studios and got radio and TV guests to do a few miles at a time; they did over 25,000. The BBC newsreaders learned a dance with a Britain's Got Talent finalist dance squad and performed it on national TV. An Edinburgh girl cut of 3 1/2 feet (!) of hair and raised £3K from her friends. Scotland locked up various personalities in a jail cell; the morning inmates raised over £30K, the evening inmates over £60K. The Dragon's Den crew re-vamped a community center for kids in three days. One guy learned to play guitar on Monday and went to every Scottish city and busked; he raised nearly £1ooo in Inverness alone, and totalled £5K for the week. The total for the UK as of 10pm: £12,691, 312. Inspiring stuff.

Pop songs and generosity make the world go round.

Oh, and I get to go to the Aberdeen Apple Store tomorrow. Yippee! (Preface that with my shiny-new iPhone...belated birthday pressie and I already don't remember life without it...)

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