Thursday, January 28, 2010

The fact is that Apple users like me are the uncoolest people on earth: we salivate, dribble, coo, sigh, grin and bubble with delight. - Stephen Fry

Start with an Apple IIe, add a Performa 405, a PowerMac, and the lovely G4, Sven, still alive & kicking. Add smatterings of the G1, G2, G4 iPods and the still-amazing-me iPhone. Stir in occasional Apple Store visits that last for hours wandering from gadget to gadget. As the glorious Stephen Fry says in yesterday's blog post, I worship at the Church of Apple. I am a shameless evangelist for their beautiful, life-altering products.

I'm so predictable. Nope, won't get a Kindle, won't even consider it, but Apple's device? Two, please. Watching the iPad video last night, I got chills when I saw the iBooks app. This could be the savior for publishers, a colorful, easily navigable, secure place for people to buy e-books. I love the look of the bookshelf and the potential functionality. The idea of having all my books, magazines, and newspapers on one device - plus my own books, photos, research, etc - without the cumbersome nature of a laptop is thrilling.

(As an aside, I wonder when e-book will become ebook, like email. Or if we'll start using iBook because Apple uses it. These are the things that keep editors awake at night.)


Erik R. said...

From what I can tell, the iTunes Music Store has been a boon for independent music artists that can't get or don't want a recording contract. The fact that need for physical media for music has disappeared is a huge help. I can't help but imagine that the same will happen to books.

Sunflowery said...

I agree with you regarding Kindle! I admit though that I'm not as up to date on the latest i-technology (I at least have an i-pod!) My A loved this post of yours as he's an Apple lover... and I love your blog generally! :)