Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" - Robin Williams Robin Williams

I'm still getting over the second round loss in the college hoops tournament. But the sulking is over. And it's probably a good thing, as the games would have conflicted with a week in Lugano for work. It was a busy, busy week, but I did often stop and inhale this view of my favorite home.

And I got back in time for the last Great Snowstorm - unless we get another one this weekend - and for glorious springtime, and for the run-up to the UK's General Election.

I've witnessed elections in Portugal and Slovenia, too, and it's interesting to see what's the same (signs in gardens and nailed to trees) and completely different (protest marches, people with clipboards physically grabbing you on the street, ignoring the fact that you can't vote in their country). The parties here had a debate last night, the first of its kind, and for the week prior the TV stations were running videos from the Nixon/JFK debate, along with Reagan, Clinton, and of course Obama. Watching last night, it was obvious that the candidates had also spent time watching these; they brought things to the 'local' level via Joe the Plumber tactics that were, frankly, cringeworthy at times. It seems this election is wide open, though; it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Dear America, Britain only campaigns for a MONTH. Take note.

All of the above are, of course, distractions from writingland, where my mojo has been lagging as of late. Some people spend their sleepless nights worrying about important things; I worry about whether I've used the right word in this particular sentence. It's annoying.

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That's a great photo.