Thursday, July 1, 2010

(I'm being mnmlist by not titling this post)

I've been getting into the :mnmlist blog lately. We're flirting with the idea of moving in the next year, and then taking a long break to travel, and I had a wee freak out recently that I moved to Europe nine years ago with two large suitcases and now I've got stuff. And part of my idea of moving abroad was to get rid of the stuff.

That fine line between 'stuff' and 'necessity' fluctuates. I could go a year without opening a certain cookbook, or wearing a certain dress (Scottish weather doth not allow for sundresses), but tossing them in the charity shop pile is not an option. Because I love them. Or something.

I calculated that I've saved nearly 25 metric tons by not having a car for 8 of the past 9 years (as I did have a car in Switzerland). I've not had the option of air conditioning or central heating. I'm easing into vegetarianism. So why is it so difficult to get rid of the stuff?

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