Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things that rock, 1

We've not been home much lately. Between weddings and mini-breaks, we've been frolicking around Scotland like nomads, taking in as many sunsets as this awful summer allows. Above, from Mull, where M's sister is working at a castle. That's the view from their kitchen window.

Years ago, in Udine, I bought a gorgeous leather book. I've been waiting to fill it with something, and with the general funk I've been in for the past month or so, I decided to make it a "things that rock" book. It's filling up, but more importantly, it's reminding me of the things that, well, rock. Sunsets like the one above, for one.
• The Glee soundtrack. Fills a dance floor, fills the heart with joy. And reminds me of the best part of high school. • Surprise parties - happy birthday, Nick! - and dancing til 4am with good friends • The Slap. An engrossing read. • Lady Antebellum • Highland Coos (the Mull castle's herd, above) • Food. Three Chimneys, Ee Usk, Cafe Fish • Spotify • The space between books, when the brain is shifting and opening and wondering •

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