Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twitter pitch's taken me three weeks to write a query letter and it's still not ready, a week to write a synopsis that still stinks, so I decided to enter this contest and condense 90,000+ words into 140 characters. Here's what I sent:

Living with domestic abuse is a lifestyle, sustainable until you watch a friend die, which triggers the question: linger, or leave?

I've been devouring agent blogs lately and was thrilled to learn that most writers have at least two (and usually more) unpublished but finished novels hidden somewhere. Hurrah! Safety in numbers and all that.

Someone asked me a few years back when I'll know it's time to quit writing. My answer is the same as it was then: when it stops feeling right. Some people see the world through a lens, or a paintbrush, or a gaming screen, or a megaphone. I see it through words, and through imaginary people and places and situations that I invent. So, there.

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