Monday, September 27, 2010

Finding Jenua

My friend Alison wrote a film. It's called Finding Jenua.

Wait, we'll start at the beginning. I moved to Prague from San Francisco in 2001. I met a wonderful Armenian goddess called Sarine who has been a good friend since. Sarine left Prague early to be on-set photographer for one of many false starts for Finding Jenua.

I visited Sarine in Los Angeles a year ago today and met Alison. We clicked immediately, and have since exchanged timely and inspirational emails as we both slog our way to our dreams.

When Hollywood became fickle, Alison took charge. She got together a micro-budget, called in favours, found a crew, got a cast, and made it happen. It's premiering at film festivals beginning this autumn.

The pitch: A young girl runs away from her past. An elderly woman can't remember hers. A small town that never forgets.

Go, girl. This is inspiring in many ways.

First, Alison's perseverance. So what if you get knocked back? So what if A-listers say yes and then no, or the big-budget film studio leaves you hanging? It's the dream, and the dream must happen. If you want something badly enough, eventually the universe will cooperate.

Second, Alison's fearlessness. Writing a script about something both emotional and topical, then having the audacity to be a first-time director. Nothing like jumping into shark-infested waters headfirst and naked.

Third, Alison's passion. She loves this film, and she believes in its message. Passion translates to viewers (or readers). She wants the world to know about this film, and she's not afraid to put herself out there.

I feel a personal attachment to this film because of Sarine's involvement, too - it's been a topic of our conversations throughout the years, as I'm so keen to hear what other creative types are doing - and after meeting Alison, I'm just so thrilled for her.

So do me a favor. Check out the Finding Jenua Facebook page. *Like* it. Look at Sarine's photos and film stills. Keep an eye out for it at film festivals for the next year or so. Support the indie creatives who are living their dream and who refuse to give up.


Erik R. said...

I very much enjoyed the trailer you tweeted. If the movie is half as good, it'll be worth a watch.

Erik R. said...

P.S. I love the blog redesign.