Friday, October 29, 2010

Storyist 2.3

The good folks at Storyist are hooking up NaNoWriMo-ers with a free trial of their software for the month of November and 25% off if you choose to buy it. I wanted to try it out before recommending it and am delighted with it so far.

What's good: Drag-and-drop storyboarding, character sheets, and plot lines. A place for random notes. It's flexible so it mimics the way my brain would love to work if it were organized.

What's better: My project is on Dropbox and the license allows for use on multiple machines, so can access it on the MacDaddy and on my laptop.

What's best: After organizing my notes and ideas for my NaNo project, I've discovered plot holes, character inconsistencies, and other minor irritations that could make or break a first draft.


Erik R. said...

Several times I've almost asked you if you used any special story-writing software. Very interesting.

Kristin Pedroja said...

I know - and this is the first bit of software I've actually enjoyed using. The developer took a year off to write a novel and didn't find what he needed, so he invented it. Clever him.