Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the anti-high street

This year, I will attempt to purchase only exceptional gifts.

I braved the Sunday snow to wander around the shops and was disgusted with the monotone of what was on offer. Where's the creativity? Where's the fun?

Online, of course. First the brilliant Literary Gift Company. This map of writerly Britain (above) is fantastic. Also love this t-shirt, this bag, and the first two rows of these. Oh, capitalism gods, you do know how to suck a girl in and make her waste half an hour swimming in your delicious literary goodness.

And talking of deliciousness, Papa Stour is a recent find. Everything they sell is handmade by Scottish (or Scotland-dwelling) artists and designers. This poster will hang in our home one day. And this is a great place to store your Bunnahabhain. And they ship internationally - hurrah!

My friend Erin designs exceptional jewellery at Freebird Designs. Erin designed my bespoke wedding earrings and has created necklaces for me that I wear every day. I love her elegant, classy designs. She also ships internationally.

And finally, M's favorite store in all the world, Firebox. Geek pages are great. I love this bird feeder and these iPhone-friendly gloves. M did a video about these spa lights and won a £50 voucher.

Where are you shopping for anti-high street goodies?

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