Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fred Morrison

Monday night we made the 2-hour trek south to Blair Castle to see Fred Morrison. Fred's a piper. That holds a lot of weight in our household.

Fred's not just a piper. He's a genius at the pipes. He plays various types of bagpipes and has invented his own. He can get a tiny hall rocking in 10 seconds. His fingers fly, his body rocks back and forth, and he plays with the most serene, joyful smile on his face. He is beautiful to watch.

It is inspiring to see someone who is completely happy in the moment.

In light of the NaNoWriMo project that's happening, I wonder if those participating are happy in their moment. Do writers consider the act of writing, of being 'in the zone' and churning words out, their performance? Or is it only piles of words until someone else reads them? Is it the joy of the process that keeps writers going, or the accolades after the work is finished?

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