Friday, April 15, 2011

too much too soon

I had to go to London on Tuesday to drop paperwork at the Swiss embassy. This seems slightly out of character for the Swiss, as they have a consulate in Edinburgh and a staunch respect for the post office, both of which would be far a far more logical way to hand in paperwork, yet I paid the £215 to the orange plane for a 40-hour trip down south. 

What do you do with one day in London? Try and get everything done that needs done before returning to the Highlands. My £10 underground and overground ticket got a workout - West Norwood to Whitehall to Oxford Circus to Covent Garden to London Bridge and back to Covent Garden - and for the first time ever, I was exhausted, even without the normal overindulgence activities with friends. For the first time I understood why the BBC produces the show Escape to the Country and why the press always hankers on about 'green space' and 'south-facing gardens'. I get it now, people. A day full of bouncing between armpits and boobs on the trains (I'm 5'2") and darting around babbling teenagers on spring break and gawking tourists was enough.

My friend Jayne concurs; we were speaking yesterday about how spoiled we've been to live in a place where there just aren't many people. We can go for walks and not see a soul. We pass a few people on the way to the corner shop, rather than dozens. Inverness has ruined me for crowds.

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Jesse said...

Think twice about Tokyo, then. It's not for the faint of heart. The rest of Japan, however, seems luxuriously spacious in comparison. xoxo