Tuesday, March 6, 2007

false spring

I awoke Sunday still buzzed from Saturday evening's festivities, thrilled to see a clear blue sky and warm sunshine. This 'winter' in Lugano has been silly, really. We had one morning with a dusting of snow, and I've worn a hat once. We've had chilly days, but nothing like the five months of harsh Ljubljana winter - I figure it's karma after last year. My girlfriend Tamara and I went to Ponte Teresa, a town on the western tip of Lake Lugano, for a coffee. I will miss the ability to dash over to Italy for a proper espresso. Sigh. It was a glorious day, and Tamara and I had a wonderful walk along the lake. Watching Italians at play on Sundays is so charming - old ladies tottering in high heels and head-to-toe fur coats, kids with scoops of gelato bigger than their heads, and twentysomethings in tight jeans, stiletto boots and huge sunglasses smoking cigarettes and text-messaging whilst conversing with clones of themselves. Not even a fifteen-minute drive from my flat, and life is so different.

Below, the western part of Lake Lugano, looking back toward Monte Bre. We live on the hill in the middle of the picture.

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