Tuesday, March 6, 2007

felicitations to the scribblers

We did it!
Tim, me, David, Tuan...over 120,000 words between us...we are the coolest people ever. Saturday night was our Pretentious Writer's Evening when we all took part in our very first readings! The evening started off fantastically, with a call from my mom and a KU win against Texas, David's alma mater, and a dinner that didn't kill anyone on the spot. We all nervously gulped a drink or two before carefully choosing a few pages to read one another, then a few more, then a few more, then moving outside to watch the lunar eclipse wrapped in blankets, reading our words by porchlight. I'm not sure how much this meant to the guys, but to me it felt so liberating, so cathartic to babble to my fellow wannabes, feeling that somehow we graduated to writer status, if only in our own minds.

Congratulations, guys. I'm so proud of us!

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