Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Books books books

I can't stop buying books.

I gave in at 12:45 GMT. I bought 2 books: Room and Freedom. I have 24 books in the queue (my earlier Twittering had forgotten about the other bookshelf). Drowning.

A perk of living in a non-English speaking country is the lack of book selection. Most bookshops stocked some books in English, but they were always pricey and often older editions. If I wanted a book, I had to really want it, and had to be ready to let it go. When you shift countries every few years, books can't be precious.

It might be a silver lining that the 'city' where I live has only a Waterstones to peruse; Amazon tends to win out. Although I feel guilty buying from Amazon. Franzen's £20 list price book I got for £9, the same price as a two-course lunch at the restaurant across the river, or a brow wax, or a decent bottle of red. I'm adding to the ridiculous devaluing of literature to the price of a McDonald's value meal. Ugh.

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