Thursday, March 31, 2011


Driech is one of the most useful Scots words, especially when you live in the Highlands where vitamin D is not prevalent for months at a time. The fire and tea helps, as do red tulips.

We've been looking at our house from a holiday home point of view lately, taking photos of now-bare rooms and ironing bedsheets, and I've been musing on what makes a home. Not just the memories of happenings inside the walls, but the trinkets, the whisky bottles, the books - clutter? Yes. Definitely. But the hollow sound of a voice in a room empty of personality is lonely indeed. Driech, even.

Empty shelves. Only the necessities. Plates. Bowls. A kettle. A block of knives. A broom.

Red tulips.

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Jesse said...

When are you leaving? My uncle may be interested in a stay in your holiday home when he passes through. He spends a bit of time in Scotland each early summer hiking.