Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before I die I want to

I've always found those 'things to do before you die' books, tv programs, etc. bemusing - as if we're being bullied into doing something we might never do because we are going to die. Of course we're going to die. But a better marketing ploy might be 'things to do while you're still alive'.

But this one is fascinating. The brilliant DesignMilk blog put me onto Candy Chang's installation Before I die, which took an abandoned New Orleans house and turned it into a public profession of hope, wishes, and potential.
Before I die I want to...
see an African sunset - dance the samba in Brazil - snowboard in Aspen - get a book deal - have a home on Lake Como - get to know Paris - see a kangaroo in its habitat - read all of Hemingway's books again - take an art history class - host a massive party for everyone I know - this could go on, reminding me of what I yet want to do. So how do you filter all your dreams into one sentence? Is there one thing you must do before you die?

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Nicola said...

Live, really live.